Hello! Welcome to Cake and Cleaver! I’m Sara, your guide, navigating you through tried and true recipes, cooking tutorials and social gatherings of all kinds. Additionally, I’m the mother of three wild and wonderful blessings.  They are my biggest fans as well as my biggest critics!

Cake and Cleaver is a representation for all that is sweet and savory.
Trust that you will find a wide variety of recipes here and that it’s not a blog about hacked meats and cakes! Many of my recipes reflect my Sicilian/Italian heritage, but I’m influenced by all cultures and ethnicities. My love affair with food does not allow for me to confine myself in my cooking.

I firmly believe that we all have been gifted with talents that can be used in service to those in need. For me, it’s cooking. Providing. Nurturing. Assisting. Loving.  Yes, all of that, from sharing something as simple as a bowl of soup, a roasted chicken dinner or my personal favorite, cake. My grandparents’ kitchen is where my inherent talent for cooking was cultivated. To this day, whenever I prepare any of my grandmother’s recipes, I am transported back to the kitchen of 565 New Britain Ave.

The experiences I had in my grandparents’ kitchen, love for teaching, entertaining, cooking and creating, led me to the world of food blogging. Despite an over-saturation of food bloggers congesting the internet, I know there is room for at least one more. Please, share in my infatuation with cakes, cleavers and all that lies between!



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  1. Great looking so far,anticipating more.

    1. Thanks! Oh, yes! Much, much more to come. 🙂

  2. You’re the best cook I know. I’m so happy this blog is up 🙂

    1. Thank You!

  3. Beautiful photography but I can’t taste the screen unfortunately.

    1. Yes, that is unfortunate. maybe someday…

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